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Sandhivata (Joint Pain & Mobility)

Sandhivata is a vatavyadhi occuring due to vitiation of vata either due to consumption of vatavardhaka Ahara and vihara , due to avarana of vata. The vitiated vata combines with other vitiated dosha, rakta, ama, etc and gets located in the joint to produce the disease. Being a disease related to madhyamarogamarga,Sandhigata vata is either Kastasadhya or Asadhya. Osteoarthritis or Sandhivata, according to its progressive condition require specific treatment to get cured. Panchavidha kashaya kalpana can be effective in Kosthagata or primary condition of Sandhivata, SnehaKalpna can be useful in Shakhagata or moderately degenerative condition of Sandhivata and Guggulu kalpana as well as Rasa Aushadhi can effectively treat the terminal or Marmasthi Sandhigata stage of Sandhivata. Selection of drug for treatment of Sandhivata on bases of its Sadavidha kriyalakala can provide accurate and instant result to get rid of the disease.


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