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‘Prameha’ is a syndrome described in ancient Ayurvedic texts that includes clinical conditions involved in obesity, prediabetes, diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. It refers to metabolic disorders caused by ‘Dhatuagni’ dysfunction. In the present scenario, ‘Apathyanimittaja Prameha’ (acquired) is more prevalent than ‘Sahaja Prameha’ (genetic) . According to Ayurveda, ‘Apathyaahara’ and ‘Vihara’ (improper diet and regimen) lead to ‘Dhatuagnimandya’ which results in Prameha. Twenty types of Pramehas are explained in Ayurveda depending on their chronicity. Out of this, 10 are due to ‘Kapha dosha’ (early stage), 6 are due to ‘Pitta dosha’ (acute stage), and 4 are due to ‘Vata dosha’ (chronic stage).

Holisitic Treatments

Prameha Vyadhi is treated holistically at Shatamjeeva. According to the chronicity of the condition, we opt for ‘Shodana’ or ‘Shamana’ therapy. Dietary adjustments and yoga are also equally important. External therapies like ‘Udwarthana’ and ‘Takradhara’ along with internal medication like ‘Shilajith’ help to correct the metabolic impairment and lead a healthy life.




    Constipation is a very common gastro-intestinal disorder experienced by most people at some point during their lives.


    In Ayurveda, hypertension is considered Raktagata Vata. The cause of hypertension is both physical and mental.


    Obesity is one of the nutritional disorders that results in increased body weight and fat deposition, in all age groups.

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