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IVDP (intervertebral disc prolapse) has become the most common problem now. Disc prolapse can occur anywhere in the vertebral column, which causes compression of the nerve root, resulting in radiating pain, numbness, weakness, and restriction in movements. In Ayurveda, it is considered vata vyadhi. It can be caused by trauma, an improper diet and regimen, obesity, overexertion, etc.

This condition can be managed by internal medicines and external therapies. As the condition is due to vata aggravation, ,basic line of management is to pacify vata by performing panchakarma therapies. Therapies are carried out according to the intensity of disc protrusion. Ayurveda has a very effective prognosis up to the stage of extrusion. Therapies such as patrapotala swedam, dhanyamladhara, and various types of vastis are used.

Holistic Treatments

As a home remedy 1 tsp of castor oil to be taken with buttermilk in empty stomach. It act as laxative and reduce the abdominal pressure so that low back pain will get reduced.Practising Uthanapadasana,Shalabasana,Pavanamuktasanwill help to strengthen the back muscles and thereby reducing the complications of IVDP in its initial stage. One has to be cautious in maintaining healthy weight, nutritious food intake and avoiding strenuous activities.





    Constipation is a very common gastro-intestinal disorder experienced by most people at some point during their lives.



    In Ayurveda, hypertension is considered Raktagata Vata. The cause of hypertension is both physical and mental.



    Obesity is one of the nutritional disorders that results in increased body weight and fat deposition, in all age groups.

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