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Barua Sagar


The beautiful fort complex of Baruasagar was built as a summer retreat for the Rajas of Orchha, and has been witness to some historic events. Baruasagar, 22 km south-east of Jhansi, was built by the Bundela Raja Udit Singh of Orchha between 1705 and 1707 CE. He also built the large lake adjacent to it. Inside the fort complex were palaces and several small temples.

When the Maratha army and the Rajas of Orchha faced off in 1744, it was at this fort the part of the battle was waged. When the Newalkars, once Subedars or Governors of the Maratha Peshwa, declared Jhansi a quasi-independent state during the last years of the Maratha Empire, the Baruasagar fort complex and its surrounding areas came under their control too. During the battle over the throne of Jhansi in the 1830s, seeking safety and refuge from palace intrigue, Gangadharrao Newalkar – who would eventually get the throne and later marry the girl who would become Rani
Laxmibai – lived at this fort complex for a considerable time.

The fort saw action during 1857, when the Orchha Diwan or Prime Minister, Nathe Khan, took advantage of the political instability of Jhansi caused by the death of the Jhansi King Gangadharrao, captured the fort and laid siege to Jhansi despite protests by the British on 10th August, 1857.

Distance from Shatam Jeeva

36.3 km


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