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It is situated at a distance of 75 km from Jhansi-Kanpur Road and on the bank of Betwa river. Here the Betwa river flows with its wide course. Historians and Jhansi Gazetteer have given important information about the history of Erich. The city of Erich is a treasure trove of ancient civilization. Here archaeological and historical evidence of
Chalcolithic, Vedic, Mahabharata, Buddhist and medieval history is found. There is a local belief that this place has the credit of starting an important festival like Holi.

According to the story, in Satyayuga this was the capital of Hiranyakashyap, whose son Prahlada was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap made several attempts to kill Prahlad. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimha saved Prahlad by killing Hiranyakashyap. This place is famous for incarnation of Lord Narasimha. Thereafter, Hiranyakashyap’s sister Holika burnt herself in fire while trying to kill Prahlad. According to local belief, the celebration of Holi festival started in Erich from the said incident. Archaeological remains of Nagavanshi, Gupta period etc. are found here. Sultanate-era Jama Masjid and tombs and dargahs are also present. Babur also stayed here for several days during his campaign. The archaeological traces of Bundelkhand’s local deity, Lala Hardaul’s residing here are also found. During Navdurga lakhs of devotees reach here at Dikauli Mata Temple, where fair is organised.

Distance from Shatam Jeeva

86.6 km


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