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Stone Age


On the way to Khajuraho on the other side of river Betwa near Banguan, a stone age site is located. Stone tools of Middle Palaeolithic are scattered in the forest area. Central India in Bundelkhand is well known for prehistoric habitation, as many lithic assemblages and faunal remains have been reported from various excavated and explored prehistoric sites in different locations of this region (Mohanta, 2017; Singh, 2018; Khatri, 1962; Mishra, 2006-07). Meanwhile, a large number of rock shelters have also been discovered and analysed by various scholars from various parts of India, some of which represents paintings and engravings (Mathpal, 1984; Sankaliya H. D., 1974; Wakankar and Panday, 1996; Gupta, 1984; Allchin; Bajpai, 1964, 1996; Banerjee, Varma and Pike, 2015; Chadar, 2015 and Allchin, 1968; Misra, 1965; Rajan and Joshi, 1958).

Distance from Shatam Jeeva

9.2 km


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