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Tahrauli Fort


The little village of Tahrauli sits 50 km from Jhansi. Looming over it is the enormous Tahrauli Fort, spread over 5 acres, still holding with it the remains of large palaces, stepwells, temples and other once-grand buildings.

The reign of the Bundela King Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo (r. 1605– 1627CE) is considered to be the Golden Age of Bundelkhandi architecture. He built many forts and palaces, including those at Jhansi, Orchha, Datia and this one at
Tahrauli. After his death, the fort passed to his son Raja Bagh Rai. The fort remained the seat of Bagh Rai’s descendants until the mid- 18th-century, when Lakshman Singh, Bagh Rai’s descendant became the ruler of Tahrauli.

It was during Laxman Singh’s rule that many palaces and buildings were added within the fort. He was a great patron
of literature, music and art. Following the death of Nirpat Singh, the last ruler of Tahrauli, it was captured by the Maratha Rajas of Jhansi and leased to the Orchha kings. Tahrauli, no longer the heart of a kingdom, was neglected. Its fort, deserted, fell into disrepair.

Distance from Shatam Jeeva

61.4 km


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