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The Revolt of 1857.



The Revolt of 1857

In 1857, just like the other parts of India, the Revolt against East India Company broke out in Jhansi, as well. As power shifted back to Indian hands, Rani Laxmibai regained control of Jhansi and moved back into the fort. From this very fort, on Feb 14, 1858, she sent out an appeal to others to join the fight against the British.

On 23rd March 1858, a large British army contingent under Sir Hugh Rose besieged Jhansi, followed by heavy bombardment of the city and the fort. A large number of buildings inside the fort were extensively damaged during this bombardment. Rani Laxmibai fought back alongwith her army and bravely held out. Among those who were martyred while manning the cannons inside the fort are Ghulam Ghaus Khan, Moti Bai and Khuda Baksh.

On 3rd April 1858, the British army managed to breach Jhansi’s city walls. The following day, the Rani along with her entourage left for Kalpi, and the fort fell to the British. The British entered the fort and ordered a gruesome massacre. The Ganesh and Mahalakshmi temples were also vandalized, though were later renovated by the locals.

After they captured the Jhansi Fort in 1858, the British gave it to the Scindias of Gwalior in 1861, and it remained in their possession till 1886, when it was given back to the British. The fort is currently managed by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Light and sound programme exhibiting the history of the fort has been recently introduced as a major attraction for the tourists.

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