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The region of Jhansi, earlier a part of Bundelkhand, was the territory of Shabar, Kol, Kirat, Pulind and Nishad. Many castes and dynasties have ruled this region for thousands of years from the Vedic period to the reign of the Bundelas, and have influenced the basic culture of these castes with their socio-cultural consciousness. Mauryas, Sungas, Shakas, Huns, Kushans, Nagas, Vakatakas, Guptas, Kalachuri, Chandelas, Afghans, Mughals, Bundelas, Baghels, Gonds, Marathas and British are the main rulers, to have ruled the region. The history from the Vedic period to the Mauryan period until 321 BC can be considered as the ancient history of Bundelkhand. All its bases are mythological texts and ancient archaeological remains, which have been recovered from the area.


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